RTD Focussed


The technologies of our clients are moving forward every day.

Our strength is our responsivness to each and every new cleaning requirement we encounter.

Exploring and adapting new techniques, used in other industries, evaluating opportunities and threats for each option allows us to propose our clients solutions where silicon losses, contamination warranties and cost efficiency are clearly established.

From the cleanest parts requiring a light surface cleaning to the most contaminated requiring up to 1 centimeter silicon removal, incuding silicon with thick and strong mold residues on the surface, all silicon scrap can be processed in many different ways. Our chalenge is to identify the best one in the shortest leadtime.

Expanding its european activities to the upcoming local needs, we have developped solutions for various products, such as thin film panels. We achieve an energy saving segregation of the high value film removed from the glass, kept reusable under its original size. No hard chemical treatment, no pollution, reduced costs.