Energy : the electrical power used in the process is green power.

Water : water is mainly used in the rinsing process. This process has been optimised to minimise the use of water. The rinsing processes has been tuned to be as efficient as quick dump rinse while using about 10 times less water.

Chemicals : chemical lifetime has been optimized, and chemical contamination trough the process has been measured on samples. A decontamination process for our chemicals with material absorbing impurities is carried out on a regular basis, which allows longer chemical lifetime and cheaper production costs. The impact on our environment is minimized. Further works are going on so as to reuse our chemicals in less demanding processes.

Abrasive and silicon residues : an evaluation in the cement industry will be carried out as soon as the quantities available will be significant.

Other valuable wastes are sorted to be recycled.

Taking care of our environment is saving money.