Company profile


Created in 2005, Arena Technologies is a spin off of Cross Technologies, involved in semiconductor silicon wafer recycling for photovoltaic applications since 1999.

Arena Technologies is offering to the Photovoltaïc industry support and services to optimise the use of its silicon .

It is the first european company specificly dedicated to photovoltaïc grade polysilicon cleaning.

Created by silicon reclaiming experts, the company has established a team of mechanical and chemical engineers, bringing expertise from the semiconductor wafer reclaim industry.

With the support of the OSEO ANVAR, French Departement for the Research and Innovation, it has developped specific processes to recover with minimum losses silicon fallout from the photovoltaic industry.

Located in France, near Aix en Provence, close to Marseille airport and to the ports of Fos-Marseille and Genova, 5 km away from the motorway network providing easy access to all Europe, the production site is fully operationnal since September 2009.